Roof Replacement in Austin

Roof Replacement in AustinMost roofs are designed to last between two and three decades. While 20 to 30 years sounds like a long stretch, the time will inevitably come when your home needs a roof replacement.

If you think it’s time to replace your roof, it’s essential to contact a professional roofing team, like our crews from, to inspect the roof and then complete the replacement. is an accomplished roofing service working for residents and businesses throughout Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

Our specialists will provide you with an array of replacement options that suit your budget and help you find the best solution for your property. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your roof replacement questions with one of our technicians.

The Difference Between Roof Replacement and Repairs

Roof repairs are different from a full replacement. Typically, roof repairs are applicable to a section of your roof that has been damaged or has deteriorated over time. However, roof replacement typically involves replacing your entire roof. While roof repair can be a short-term solution, if the issues with your roof are extensive or repairs become too costly, then the team at might advise you to replace the whole roof.

Most residential roofs require repairs from time to time. If certain shingles begin to warp or crack, they might need to be repaired on an individual basis. If a portion of your roof is damaged due to hail or other inclement weather conditions, but the rest of your roof is intact and functioning properly, then your roof may only need repairs. However, if your roof suffers severe damage or has simply worn out over the decades, a roof replacement is typically the recommended solution.

Repairs tend to be cheaper than replacement, which is why typically recommends repairs first. However, if your roof requires ongoing repairs, it might be more cost-effective to replace it with a new roof that should last you for the next 20 to 30 years. Replacing a roof is a long-term investment, but it could save you money in the long run, depending on your circumstances.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

At, we believe that because purchasing a home or building is the biggest investment that many people will ever make, it is crucial to protect that investment by properly maintaining, repairing, and replacing your roof when necessary. Installing a sturdy and high-quality roof over your head is the most critical action you can take to safeguard your home, your property, and your family. Not only does roof replacement help keep unwanted critters out of your home and shield you from hazardous weather conditions, but it also helps you maintain inside the home by keeping heating and air conditioning inside as well.

Some of the most common reasons to consider a roof replacement include:

Roof damage and leaks  If your roof is leaking in multiple places or was severely damaged due to bad weather or an accident, then you might need to replace the entire roof.

Aging materials If your roof is older, it may start to show signs of deterioration. Your shingles may be warped, show cracks, or develop bald spots and dark streaks. If you have a metal roof, you might notice that the fasteners are beginning to wallow out or that the paint is beginning to chip. These could be signs that you need to replace your roof.

Pay lower insurance premiums  Did you know that you could potentially pay lower home insurance premiums if you repair and replace your roof when necessary? Properly maintaining your roof shows the insurance company that you are committed to protecting your home (and thus minimizing the insurance company’s risk), which could, in turn, reduce your premiums.

Increase your home’s overall value  In addition to improving your home’s aesthetic appeal, maintaining your roof and replacing it once it has aged can increase your home’s value. If interested buyers visit your home and notice that the roof is in a state of disrepair, they might not be willing to offer as much as they would if the roof had been repaired or replaced.

The roofing contractors at can help you determine if a repair or replacement is the best choice for your home and budget.

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Choosing the Right Materials

Our team will present you with a variety of options to consider before we replace your roof. The materials we use will match your budget and the aesthetic as well. Some of the most common roofing materials that homeowners use include:

Aside from budget and aesthetics, there are other factors to consider when deciding what type of materials you’d like to use during roof replacement. Some of those factors include:

  • Lifespan
  • How much value the roof adds to your property
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Environmental impact
  • Defense against hazardous weather conditions

Choosing the Right Company

At, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional craftsmanship to all of our clients. Some of the benefits of hiring our team include:

  • Saving time and money – Roofing projects can be expensive and time-consuming. Our roofing contractors have the skills to expeditiously replace your roof. Hiring a reputable team to handle the replacement process will also avoid costly future issues and repairs.
  • Training and experience – Our team has the necessary safety training to ensure that no one is harmed while replacing your roof. Roofing can be dangerous, and if you aren’t properly equipped or haven’t gone through the necessary training, you can easily injure yourself.
  • Top-notch handiwork – When you hire, you will get a high-quality product that remains functional for decades to come. As long as your roof is maintained, you won’t have to worry about replacing your roof again for a very long time.

At, we are committed to providing exemplary customer service and high-quality results that stand the test of time. If you need to replace your roof, our professional contractors are ready to help.

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If your residential, commercial or multi-family dwelling roof needs to be replaced in Austin, schedule an appointment with our professional roofing contractors. We understand that replacing an entire roof can be somewhat costly. That’s why we always do our very best to accommodate any budget. Roof replacement is an investment, and when you hire, you can be certain that your investment will be worthwhile.

Contact us today to get started on your roof replacement project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a roof replaced in Austin?

There are multiple ways for you to know your roof needs replacement. Missing shingles, a hole in your roof, or even a leak. You can usually tell whether there are missing shingles from ground level. However, a hole or damaged shingles will need to be inspected by an expert. Once the inspection is complete, the decision for a new roof is much easier. if you think your roof is damaged or is simply getting old, call the experts over at to receive a FREE inspection so you are able to make your decision!

What should I expect at a roof inspection?

During the inspection, our experienced roofers will examine the roof to check the condition of the shingles and inspect the gutters, fascia, and other components of the roof. Any damage that is found will be noted for conversations with the homeowner. This will lay out the plan for the repair as well as go into the roof claim for insurance companies.

Can I stay in my house while you replace my roof?

Yes. It may not be quiet and peaceful for you but you can certainly stay in the house while the roof is getting replaced – and the roofers may not even need to go inside! Our goal is to not change anything up from your daily routine while the work is being done on your roof.

When is the best time to replace my roof?

While there isn’t a “best time” per se to get a new roof, the most ideal time is after a storm where your roof may have incurred damage. If you think this has happened, consult with a roofing company before you file the claim. If you believe your roof has been damaged by a storm or wind, contact for a FREE assessment to assist you in the process.

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