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When a roof is doing its job properly, you never need to think about it. Yet when considerable roof damage happens due to adverse weather, wildlife activity, or another type of accident, your stress levels can reach overwhelming heights. If you need to replace or repair your roof, you will want to submit a claim to your homeowner’s insurance to ensure that the damage to your wallet does not end up matching the damage to your roof. 

However, many people make administrative errors that cause their insurers to deny their claims. Understanding the steps you need to take for a successful claim will put you in a stronger position to get your homeowner’s insurance to cover your roof replacement.

Understand Your Roofing Insurance Coverage

When you become aware that your roof has suffered damage, read through your homeowner’s policy to understand the roof coverage it gives you. What you learn in this research will help you make the necessary financial decisions about your roof repairs. 

Roof insurance generally comes in one of two types: 

  • Repair coverage will reimburse you for a percentage of the costs of repairing your roof.
  • Replacement coverage will provide for the replacement of a roof when it is beyond repair.

Replacement coverage policies are more expensive. They also require more extensive documentation and legwork before your insurer agrees to accept your claim, so you should aim to document your damage carefully and submit your claim as soon as possible.

Your policy will also outline what types of damage your insurance will cover. If your roof receives damage from an unusual and unpredictable event, such as lightning or a hailstorm, you will likely qualify for coverage. Damage from an unlicensed roofer, on the other hand, will probably fail to qualify. 

Document the Damage 

If you believe your homeowner’s insurance should cover your roof’s damage, you should document the damage thoroughly. Your documentation should include the following:

  • Several photos of the external damage – If you feel safe doing so, you can climb a ladder to take pictures. A drone with a camera is a much safer means of taking photos if you have access to one. Otherwise, ask an experienced roofing company to inspect it for you.
  • Photos of internal damage – If the damage to your roof has led to consequences within the building, such as leaks or holes in your ceiling, be sure to document these as well.
  • Articles about the event that caused your roof damage, if possible – For example, if a tornado was the culprit, find media coverage of the event as evidence.

Contact Your Insurer

Look at your insurance company’s website to find out how to submit a claim. You may need to do so within a certain timeframe after the event that caused the damage. If you are thoroughly familiar with the insurer’s protocol, you will have a much stronger chance of filing a successful claim.

Hire a Reputable Roofing Company

Once you have submitted your claim, find an experienced roofing company that can perform an inspection. Their report can serve as additional evidence for your insurer, so be sure that the roofing company has experience dealing with insurance claims. A reputable company with this experience can assure your insurer that your claim is valid.

A licensed roofer with extensive experience will also be able to replace your roof correctly. An inexperienced roofer might cause more damage to your roof, negating any future insurance claims you might need to submit. These shady characters often seek out areas that have experienced devastating storms to take advantage of those whose homes have suffered damage. 

Make sure you do your research before agreeing to work with any roofing company. Ask to see their liability insurance policy and check online reviews for what other customers have said about the business. Helps Family After Major Storm


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