Are you tired of stressing out whenever it rains, wondering whether your roof could leak again? Do you need to install a new roof, conduct repairs, or replace your current roof entirely? If so, you need help from the Circle C roofing experts at 

We understand that a damaged roof is more than just an inconvenience– it can disrupt your daily life and ruin your property. So, don’t wait until it’s too late to take action. Get in touch with the skilled team at to diagnose and repair your roof issues. 

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Types of Roofs and Roofing Materials We Handle

circle c roofing servicesAt, we’re equipped to handle a wide variety of roof types and materials. Here are just a few of the types of roofs and roofing materials we can handle:

  • Asphalt/laminate roofs – These are among the most common types of roofs we encounter. These durable, affordable roofs are made of fiberglass mats coated with asphalt and granules.
  • Metal roofs – Metal roofs are popular due to their longevity and energy efficiency. We can install and repair roofs made of all types of metals, including aluminum, copper, and steel.
  • Flat roof systems – Flat roofs require specific expertise to install and repair, and our team has the necessary skills and experience to get the job done right.
  • Tile roofs – Tile roofs are popular in Texas due to their durability in extreme weather conditions. Our team can work with a variety of tile materials, including clay, concrete, and slate.
  • Gable and valley roofs – This common roof design features sloping sides and a peak in the middle. We can repair and replace gable and valley roofs to ensure your home stays safe and dry.
  • A-frame roofs – A-frame roofs have unique and eye-catching designs, but working with them requires specialized knowledge and tools. We have what it takes to work with this type of roof.
  • Hip roofs – Hip roofs have slopes on all four sides and are a popular choice due to their durability and ability to withstand high winds. 
  • Bonnet roofs – Bonnet roofs are similar to hip roofs but feature a steeper slope on one side.
  • Butterfly roofs – Butterfly roofs have a unique inverted design that requires special expertise to install and often requires routine maintenance.
  • Skillion roofs – Skillion roofs feature a single slope and are commonly used on sheds and other small structures. Our team can handle repairs and replacements for skillion roofs of all sizes.
  • Jerkinhead roofs – Jerkinhead roofs are a hybrid of gable and hip roofs, and they feature a unique design that requires professional attention during installation and repairs.
  • Sawtooth roofs – Sawtooth roofs feature a series of ridges and valleys that create a unique visual effect. Our team can install and repair these roofs to keep them in top condition.

No matter what type of roof you have or what materials it’s made of, you can trust to provide high-quality installation, repair, and replacement roofing services

Roof Repair Services We Offer

At, we offer all kinds of roof repair services for all your roofing needs. We provide:

Why Choose

asphalt roof replacementIf you need a roof repair or replacement services in Circle C, look no further than Here’s why you should choose us for your Austin roof repair needs:

  • We’re family-owned and locally operated – As members of the community, we genuinely care about providing top-notch service and building lasting relationships based on trust.
  • Roofing is all we do – Unlike other companies that offer a range of home repair services, we focus exclusively on roofing, meaning we have the knowledge and experience to tackle any job.
  • Customer service is our top priority – We aim to get the job done right the first time, every time. From start to finish, we provide excellent customer service to ensure you are satisfied.
  • We are thorough and efficient – We’ll work quickly to address any issues with your roof and get it back in good condition without sacrificing quality.
  • Our work is built to last – We provide high-quality materials and craftsmanship at a price you can afford. We pride ourselves on making sure your roof withstands the test of time.
  • We keep our job sites clean and safe – We strive to keep our job sites clean and safe at all times. After completing any repair or replacement job, we’ll leave your property just how we found it.
  • Our services are affordable for any budget – We know unexpected roof repairs are costly and urgent, so we offer 60-second approvals for monthly payment plans up to $250,000.
  • We offer free, same-day inspections – If you suspect your roof needs repairs or a replacement, we’re happy to schedule an inspection that same day and take a look at no charge.
  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee – Our team stands behind our work and will do everything possible to ensure you are happy with our results.

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