provides a range of roofing services to commercial and residential customers in Manor. You can protect your property and enhance the look of your home or office by choosing the appropriate design, colors, and materials for your roof. Without a sturdy roof, mold, wind, and water damage can require time-consuming and costly repairs.

asphalt roof replacementWe understand the importance of installing or updating a roof. You can count on us to offer budget-friendly and aesthetically pleasing options whether you need a minor repair or a complex replacement. Our professional team will guide you through the process and advise you on the materials and designs to match your style.

Contact immediately if you want to hire a full-service roofing company you can trust. We use a customized approach with every roofing project we take. You will receive quality craftsmanship you can enjoy for years to come. Call us today at (737) 275-7599 for a free inspection and quote.

Roofing Services We Offer

We can repair or replace any roof on your home, building, or office. Choosing the service that’s right for your situation depends on various factors.

Roof Repair

A roof repair involves replacing sections of a roof when bad weather and accidents cause minor to moderate damage. Leaking water, rust, and mold can lead to additional damage without prompt and adequate repairs. If you recently replaced or installed a new roof, a repair might be a more cost-effective solution.

The most common reasons for choosing a roof repair over a replacement include:

  • Water leaks – Leaking water is a sign of roof damage. The water might not leak into your home, but stains on your ceiling can alert you to a serious problem. A roof specialist can inspect your roof to locate the source of the leak and complete necessary repairs to prevent additional damage.
  • Hail damage – Hail can cause structural damage and water leaks inside a home or office. Leaking water compromises the integrity of drywall, eventually causing it to break down. Collapsing drywall from insufficient repairs can ruin personal belongings and cause severe injuries.
  • Rust – Rust can form on air vents, gutters, and other parts of the roof. Rust can eventually corrode roofing materials and affect the entire structure. Prompt repairs are essential to restore the roof’s integrity and prevent more structural issues.
  • Storm damage – Wind, rain, and other adverse weather can damage any roof. Holes, leaks, mold, and other problems can arise, endangering everyone’s safety and health.
  • Shingle or tile damage – Damage can cause shingles to warp and curl away from the roof. They can also blow off a building or home during strong winds or crack under the pressure of heavy rain. Algae can form and lead to dark streaks as it grows. Replacing damaged or missing shingles and tiles can alleviate the problem if it affects only a small portion of the roof.

Roof Replacement

metal roof replacement in manor, txThe type of roof and materials you choose can increase the lifespan of your roof and offer various benefits. Replacing a roof can be expensive but ultimately saves you money in the long run. A new roof can last for twenty to a hundred years, depending on the type you install.

Despite adequate maintenance and repairs, an older roof eventually needs to be replaced. Damage, weather, and debris can cause materials to deteriorate over time. Instead of continuing to pay for costly repairs, replacing the entire roof might be a better solution.

Roof replacement is necessary for many reasons, including:

  • Increasing the property’s value – You can increase the value of your home with a new roof. It’s one of the first things potential buyers see when they arrive. If the roof looks run down, you will likely receive a low offer to compensate the buyer for the repairs they must pay for in the future. A new roof adds value and gives your property curb appeal.
  • Replacing aging materials – Materials start to deteriorate after years of natural wear and tear and environmental factors. It makes more sense to replace everything instead of repairing multiple parts when there are widespread or multiple cracks, holes, and other damage.
  • Reducing your insurance premium – Insurance companies view proper upkeep of a roof as an owner’s commitment to protecting their home. They might lower your monthly premium since a new roof minimizes their risk.
  • Avoiding water damage – Water can leak through a damaged roof and lead to mold, flooding, and other issues.

Our Designs and Materials offers various design and material options to protect your commercial or residential property, provide insulation, and extend the roof’s longevity. We will discuss all your options with you and suggest the most suitable materials and designs.

The roofing designs we offer include:

  • Bonnet roofs
  • Butterfly roofs
  • Sawtooth roofs
  • Jerkinhead roofs
  • Gabled roofs
  • Skillion roofs
  • Flat roofs

The roofing materials we offer include:

Why You Should Hire

Picking the right roofing company can be challenging. Hiring provides many benefits, including:

  • Exceptional customer service – We take pride in the level of customer care we provide. With our 24/7 availability, we can answer your questions and address your concerns any time, day or night. We will tailor our services to meet your individual needs.
  • Experience – We have a track record of installing high-quality roofs that last. We bring our experience and roof replacement and repair knowledge to every job.
  • Free estimates – You will receive a free estimate so you can budget for your repair or replacement and determine a timeline for the project.

Contact a Manor Roofing Specialist Today

roofing contractors in austin, Tx. tackles every project head-on. We work efficiently to save our customers time and money. You can avoid unnecessary services in the future by letting us install a roof that remains functional and beautiful for decades.

Our team is a family-owned and operated roofing company serving customers in Manor, TX. We are ready to complete the job you need, whether big or small, and produce long-lasting results.

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