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McMurry University alumni Jake Mullin, and owner of, has been recently recognized in McMurry University’s Hall of Honor for his outstanding athletic prowess in football and baseball.

Hall of Honor inductee Jake Mullin was a force to be reckoned with in both sports. He spent four years on both the diamond and gridiron, earning numerous accolades along the way.

In 2010, Mullin earned the title of ASC Player of the Year and was included in the All-American selection. He also garnered two all-region and all-conference honoree titles under his name. While with the War Hawks, Mullin was among those included in the NCAA Division III All-American and received all-league honors with the ASC Player of the Year title in 2011. He was named the Southwest Conference’s Male Athlete after the 2010 academic year.

Jake Mullin McMurry Sports Recognition

In his speech, the McMurry University alumni thanked several people who helped him make his way to the top. Mullin mentioned how his coach, Hal Mumme, became the reason why he wanted to try college football. He echoed the sentiment on how Mumme was “one of the biggest innovators of the game” and how his former head coach “allowed players to be themselves.” The War Hawk member also thanked his coaches, namely Coach Holbrook and Coach Matt, for the way they worked with him and helped take his offense to the next level.

With respect to his time on the diamond, Mullin mentions his lifelong friendship with DJ Baiza, and how they decided to enter football tryouts together. “Our times at McMurry started a lifelong friendship that I will appreciate forever,” said Mullin. The 2010 ASC Player of the Year named Kiefer Price and Will Morris as some of the best baseball athletes he played with. Mullin recalls how Price taught him hand signals so he could relay the play to other teammates and how Morris added to the team in terms of personality and talent.

Jake Mullins Roofs Only

Jake Mullin has since started his own company,, a full-service roofing company that caters to residential and commercial properties. The company quickly became a Texas roofing industry leader, servicing building owners, construction managers, and homeowners. The values Mullin learned during his time at McMurry University carried over to his business, with quality service, integrity, vision, and passion defining the brand’s mission. The former War Hawk adopts the process of “revive, repair, and replace” in his line of business and iterates that has its clients’ best interests at heart. 

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