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Getting the most storm-resistant roofing materials for your home is necessary for peace of mind and for protecting your property and loved ones. While there are plenty of options for roofing materials, only a few are best suited for extreme weather like storms and hail. Continue reading to learn more about the best materials for storm-proofing your roof.

Metal Roofs

storm resistant metal roofMetal is one of the more popular choices when looking for storm-resistant roofing materials. Residents needing storm damage roof replacement often gravitate toward metal as their material of choice. 

This is because metal roofs are known to withstand strong winds due to storms. Their durability against harsh weather makes them an ideal choice for most households. Given the extreme weather that affects the areas here in Texas, metal roofs have increased in popularity because of their durability and longevity. 

Though they can cost more than some other roofing materials, the investment is worth it, given the extended roof lifespan of this material. 

Other roofing materials may require more frequent repair and roof replacement due to hailstorms, but not metal roofs. They can suffer from dents, but the probability of them experiencing damage in hail storms is extremely low. Strong winds also have very minimal effects on metal roofing.  

Another reason metal roofing is ideal for residential properties is its ability to help regulate the temperature inside the house. Metal roofs deflect sunlight away, unlike asphalt shingle roofs, which are prone to absorbing heat. Since heat bounces back when it hits a metal roof, the temperature inside the house tends to be cooler. With heat unable to penetrate the metal roofing, you will also notice that the attic has lower temperatures, even through the summer.

Clay and Concrete Roofs

storm resistant clay roofRoofs made of clay and concrete can withstand wind pressures of more than 150 mph. The clay and concrete roof strength make them one of Texas’s most storm-resistant roofing materials. You will barely hear of a homeowner with a concrete roof needing storm damage roof repair because of its strength against extreme weather conditions. However, given this material’s durable nature, it carries a lot of weight. Before the clay and concrete tiles can be applied, professional roofing specialists, such as our team here at, need to reinforce the roof to accommodate the concrete’s weight.

Aside from the clay roofs’ high resistance to storms, it also has a Class A fire rating, making it a safer option for homeowners. They can also withstand minor earthquakes, which is an excellent addition to their seemingly endless benefits. 

Clay and concrete roofs are also very resistant to infestation, so you won’t have to worry about bugs and insects burrowing on the corners of your roof. What’s even more impressive about clay roofs is their longevity. You can be sure that your investment is worth it when you choose clay and concrete roofs because they are rated to last for half a century. You can expect your concrete roofing to last around 50 years with proper maintenance!  

Here are more reasons why clay and concrete are great storm-resistant roofs:   

  • They can withstand strong winds.
  • Clay and concrete tiles are easy to install.
  • No major regular maintenance is necessary.
  • In cases of damage, repairs are inexpensive.
  • They come in a wide array of colors.

Stone-Coated Steel Roof

stone coated metal roof storm protectionStone-coated steel roofs are ideal for people who want the aesthetic of clay and concrete but don’t have enough in their budget. These inexpensive alternatives to clay and concrete are equally pleasing to the eyes and the pocket. Aside from their visual appeal, stone-coated roofs are as durable as their distant metal and clay siblings. They are also storm-resistant and very ideal for homeowners who want a roof that can potentially survive hurricane-level winds. 

You have to manage your expectations because even the most durable roofing material can still become damaged from extreme weather. In cases where strong winds or hail damage your stone-coated steel roof, you can have it replaced without breaking the bank. We recommend using’s roof replacement calculator to estimate how much it would cost.

When it comes to longevity, stone-coated steel roofs can last from 40 to about 70 years. You can consider them great investments because of their unbelievably long product lifespan. In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, stone-coated steel roofs are also resistant to rust and corrosion. 

Speak to a Roofing Professional About Storm Resistant Roofing for Your Home

Whether you are interested in metal, clay, or stone-coated steel roofing for your home, it is best to speak with an experienced roofing professional who can help guide you through the process.

Contact us at for a free roof inspection. Our team can help you prepare for the season and offer roofing services that fit your budget and needs. Learn more about our roof replacement financing options to see which financing option may be best for your project. 

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