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A durable and efficient roof can protect your home and family from adverse weather, flying debris, and other environmental factors. It can also save you time on maintenance and money on electric bills.

A roof can be functional while looking beautiful and increase the value of your property. If you’re in the market for a new roof to update the look of your home, replace damaged materials, or impress potential buyers, consider your options carefully.

Choosing between a clay tile and a metal roof can be challenging. Both offer various advantages and disadvantages. You should understand the differences between the two materials and which will be most beneficial in your circumstances.

Pros and Cons of Metal Roofs

metal roofMetal roofing systems have been a popular choice for years. They’re sturdy, versatile, and resistant to various hazards. A metal roof provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Long lifespan – Metal roofs can last a long time if installed correctly. Most remain sturdy and efficient for 40 to 70 years.
  • Low maintenance – You won’t spend much time maintaining the roof. It requires minimal maintenance, saving you money on upkeep and repairs.
  • Weather resistant – A metal roof is resistant to wind, snow, rain, and moisture. Knowing that your roof can stand up to outside elements can give you peace of mind. A metal roof is also resistant to pests.
  • Fireproof – If the roof contains non-combustible materials, it won’t ignite or spark a fire if exposed to wildfire or lightning.
  • Warming ability – Metal roofs can warm quickly to melt snow. The snow’s extra weight shouldn’t last long, so there’s less worry about your roof caving in.
  • Mold and algae deterrent – A well-made metal roof can prevent the growth and spread of mold and algae.
  • Efficient – Metal roofs with coated or painted metal products reflect the sun’s energy. This coating can reduce the amount of heat transferred into your home, cutting down your energy bills.

Metal roofs also come with some disadvantages. The cons of installing a metal roof include:

  • Can be expensive depending on the type of metal material used
  • Expands from heat and contracts while cooling, leading to leaks and premature roof failure
  • Exposure to water, sunlight, excessive impact, and extreme temperatures compromises the integrity of the material
  • Debris, hail, and other flying objects can cause dents, weakening the structure of the roof
  • Noisy during heavy rainfall
  • Heat from direct sunlight and pooling water can lead to rust

Pros and Cons of Clay Tile Roofs

clay roof replacement austin, txClay tile roofs offer a specific architectural look. They stand out among other materials, giving off a Spanish or Mediterranean vibe. If you think a clay tile roof is best for you, consider its many pros:

  • Eco-friendly – The clay in Spanish tiles is a natural element. You won’t face depleting materials since it comes from the earth. Most clay tiles don’t contain chemicals or other toxic substances, so it’s eco-friendly and safe for your health. They’re also recyclable.
  • Maintain color – Baking clay tiles at high temperatures adhere the color to the tile permanently. The natural color will last throughout the roof’s lifespan without fading or peeling.
  • Long-lasting – Clay tile roofs are excellent investments. They can stay in good condition for up to 100 years.
  • Low maintenance – Maintaining the roof doesn’t require much effort. An annual inspection is all it takes to ensure it’s in good condition.
  • Wind-resistant – Clay tiles weigh a lot, so they’re resistant to high winds. They can stand up to hurricanes and severe storms. They’re also resistant to termites, fires, and mildew.
  • Reduced transfer of heat – Clay roofing tiles has a natural thermal resistance. They lower the amount of heat from the sun that transfers inside a home. Natural ventilation from the air space around the tiles also protects against heat transfer.

Although clay tile roofs offer many benefits, numerous problems can also arise, such as:

  • Damage can occur from heavy impacts, such as someone walking on the roof, or a large object, such as a tree branch falling on top of it during strong winds.
  • The shape of some clay tiles, like barrel tiles, leaves space for insects and rodents to enter the ceiling or attic.
  • Clay tiles can exceed the roof load-bearing capacity for many homes, requiring extra work to reinforce the roof, leading to additional costs during installation.

Learn More About Your Roofing Options

Clay tile and metal roofs are premium choices for a home or business. You should consider your budget and style before choosing one.

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